Friday, August 31, 2007

Heavenly Sword and some other things

Last night I was watching the episodes of the new "Heavenly Sword" animated series ( I haven't played the game or have any idea of the story background, but in terms of animation I would say it's has very stylised visuals. The fine art feel to it is present, with the animation seeming to be a blend of cut-out and 2D drawings moved in 3D space. It also seems very dark and dramatic, which I both like. Overall looks quite promising!

Check the latest episode here:

As for other stuff, I just wanted to express my dislike towards extreme patriotism through my artwork, and recollected this piece from my latest sketchpad. I've always disagreed with mandatory military service, and embracing a whole country's ideals through actions that you are not keen on, but your authorities force you to do. The way I'd really see the Lord Kitchener and Uncle Sam's propaganda would be something like this:

Anyway enough of my political garbage. Here I post some other doodles of what I thought could be cool characters if developed further.

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