Sunday, September 2, 2007

Strutyourreel August 2007 entry experiments 2

Managed to have some free time and decided to move on with this piece. Yeah yeah I know, the character is totally different (before it was a bulky guy, now I'm using a slim character), but I couldn't really find any character suitable for this so I grabbed a free rig from (this rig is "Max for Maya" and can be downloaded here: Max for Maya Download Link ).

In the audio track itself the voice seems very hyperactive sometimes, but I gotta watch out for too many drastic "ups and downs". There is still work left to do on arms, fingers, clavicles, torso and facial features, since it's just the 1st pass of my blocking stage. Some breakdowns have been added just to get a better sense of things but nothing much yet. Literally I've translated all my thumbnailing into 3d and that's about it, so a loooot of polishing is awaiting. Gonna try and experiment a lot more during the blocking, and try to "draw" more solid poses within the 3d package before jumping into timing. Keith Lango's latest post ( )
has inspired me a lot to do this.

I'm having lots of fun though and it's a shame the submission period for this entry to the Strutyourreel website has ended.

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