Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I´m not dead...yet!!!

Hello there everyone!! Can´t believe it, just when I was getting hold of things I had to leave this blog for an entire month! Well, this is the outcome of moving house and taking time to set up an internet connection...IT'S a NIGHTMARE!! (Apologies for that little bit of frustration).

I've been digging a bit more into 3d animation workflow, since I'm in the process of trying to get used to work the most efficient way possible. I found a video breakdown on a Shrek 3 promo video, from animator Justin Barret. Note: it's in spanish, so read the titles above to follow ;)

Also I've been working on some things, I will try to post them here as soon as I can.Meanwhile I can leave you with something that shows I've tried to keep up animating and stay on shape with the basics...don't worry I'm obviously not asking for kudos here :P

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