Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do schools kill creativity? By Ken Robinson is an awesome website...This talk I´ve linked in this post is one of the best talks I´ve ever listened to (and to be honest I´ve almost enjoyed every talk they´ve done!!)...full of funny stories, interesting facts, entertainment... and broad analysis towards the concept of creativity in general. Some really important points to take into account... (thanks to my brother Jay for the link....gracias hermanitoooooo!!)


AronDurkin said...

thanks for the link, th is guys knows what hes on about

Karen McMillan said...

Hey Ravi,

Karen here (Spence's Girlfriend!). Just nosing your blog- some great stuff on here!

Also, wanted to say my sister works for a TV station that televises TED TALKS! Check it out sometime- EdgeMedia TV- Sky Channel 200- full of weird and wonderful programmes!

Byeeee :)