Monday, September 15, 2008

Creature Animation Reel

Managed to get some renders of the work I did from my last job. Still need to improve a hell of a lot but I'm very happy of being part of such fun project. Dinosaurs are always cool and joyfull to imagine and give life to. It was a whole different approach to animation from what I was used to normally (character based narrative, acting, cartoony stuff, etc...). Lots of video reference, patience and tight deadlines due to the nature of television production.

Creature animation reel

I definetely do feel I gained a lot of experience with this project, and from here I wanted to thank everyone in the team, who worked so damn hard to pull things off on time. I might dig more into analysing some of the pieces here, meanwhile I can only show you this edit I threw last night to keep things rolling. Hope you like it!!

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