Friday, December 5, 2008

11 second club - November 2008

Hey all!! Haven't been posting in a long while but I am quite happy to pop in with my great news: came third (out 109 entries) at last month's 11 second club competition with my "Police Nitwits" Entry!! Not bad huh? I've received some really nice and constructive comments as well. I'll leave you the clip here, hope you like it :D

I'll be writing more on how I made it soon... Hopefully will get into evaluating my own animation as well (loads to learn still). Tomorrow I'll be attending the Animation Mentor Webinar with one my favourite animators: Jason Ryan. I reckon is going to be amazing!!


1 comment:

@b said...

thats great Ravi and is looking quite nice ! congrats!

keep it up and soon you will be on #1 !