Sunday, December 20, 2009

Animation education

We're all aware of the existence of vast resources everywhere nowadays when it comes to learning about animation. From books to DVD's, websites, software, university courses, Animation Mentor and other online based teaching services...

However, I wasn't aware of how the best ones really came about as awesome as they are, and how tough can it be for someone to make the best possible content without previously having a great talent basis. The following video just made me stop and think about all these things and more. How much more in depth can you go with animation is ultimately dependent by your imagination. And animation is an artform and not really "one unique style". The emphasis Eric Riewer puts on the very basic foundations of art applied to animation is very intense, and at the same time just mindblowingly saddening for those who still aspire.

The big relevance the people give to arts in the programme at Les Gobelins is very encouraging to those who are willing to embrace the art and science of animation and not just limit themselves with mere technology.

I myself have worked as an animator for only CGI projects, but even then I'm a firm believer of art and drawing being extremely inmportant visualisation aids which can just let you have the maximum quality of work you can produce.


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