Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I've set myself to try and learn Flipbook, the amazing software Jason Ryan and the crew at Ianimate are going to be using, mainly for thumbnailing shots, planning, and correcting notes.

It was kind of a weird experience at first....I'm a very visual kind of person, so thumbnailing is usually what I do. If I had enough time to work on a shot, I'd do it in Flash, since it was the only software I knew to take my thumbnails to a more readable step. But usually I never go away from the paper sketches due to time constraints.

So comparing it to Flash, Flipbook seemed a totally different beast. But as I went along with my first test it got to a point where I almost felt sucked into my animation, trying to put too much detail! I can say Flipbook is "dangerously good" is definetely an innovative device to help on cg animating, real time saver....and a lot of thanks go to Jason Ryan for promoting it and letting us know about it.

Anyway here's my very very first flipbook test. My objective with it primarily was to try out as many things with the software as possible. I wanted to learn the shortcuts, menus, tools available, by no means the animation is great. But it did help me to warm up and get a loose feel when brainstorming.

I have to say some of my fellow classmates at Ianimate are absolutely amazing...and when it comes to flipbook i've seen some really amazing things done. Oh well, lots of practice awaits. I really feel comfortable with it, it is my thing...however it will be a case of finding the balance and keeping it simple.


AFightingPanda said...

Hey man cool animation, pretty slick for your first go at flipbook. Not that I am saying I can do any better ha ha.


Cool man I need to practice a lot on flipbook too. Your doing great.

Aron Durkin said...

ahhh squirrels, nice energy to this man, we should catch up, i'd like to see this polished up, either in flipbook or in CG, in this your plan as part of Ianimate or was this purely for the software learning?

RVG said...

Thanks a lot guys! It was never meant to be a super polished anim but I dangerously came to that stage where I wanted to add detail...I stopped myself on time :D

- Keith your workflow tips videos on your blog are awesome, specially the last recording you did about the basics and "getting the ball bounce right" and the stop watch!!

- Ambuj thanks for the support, and I'm sure you'll do great as well, seen your awesome sketches and you're on the good track for sure!

- Aron I'm writing you an email, we definetely need to catch up :D and no this was just to test flipbook, not part of Ianimate, though we will be using flipbook quite a lot to get annotations on top of our playblasts, thumbnailing shots, etc...