Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iAnimate Latest Assignment WIP - March 2011

Hey all, I haven´t posted anything regarding my iAnimate stuff since I ever started, so I thought to show some of my latest WIP. Is just a rough 1st pass planning, felt like doing a lot of planning for this particular shot before jumping into CG.

Fun piece to work on, quite a tough one though. Lots of mechanics to be aware of (walk+gestures, stops, turns, head and hands interaction) plus the performance part (emotionally strong, but also with subtle sniffs and breaths, and also really internal in subtext).

Hope execution goes well....wish me luck! :)

EDIT*: Thanks so much to my sis in law, Venita, for doing some awesome acting :) is all her performance really...


Aron Durkin said...

good luck :)

G1toons said...

stumbled on your blog, this is looking really nice, great job