Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Small update

Well, things have been very active in iAnimate, which I´ve been giving priority to for the past 6 months...and it never seems to be enough. There is so much to learn is just incredible.

I felt like I should post this small notice on my blog to spread the word a little, and to keep friends and family updated...looking into sometime in August, I´ll be starting to work on my first CG feature quality animation project :)

The project is called "Lucy". Its a short animated trailer the crew at L7 pictures have been making, and the opportunity to work on it comes as an internship that is part of iAnimate, with a crew of top animators and a fantastic director who used to be my instructor in Workshop 3 (the first semester I started the course): Ben Rush (Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation).

Enough said..I´ll leave you a link to the blog which you can check out the Anatomy of a Nightmare blog. I´m eager to work on it, and reunite with my instructor and friends at iAnimate for some animation fun :) I get the feeling this will be the project that will squeeze my animation juices the most....

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