Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Limitless anatomy

Is very astonishing to see the human body breaking its normal limits and, with it, conveying feelings...because the average is not used to perceive such uniqueness in movement and deformation.

We react to this in many different ways: we joy in delight seeing beautiful curves in a ballet dance....but some of us maybe jolt back in disgust, and perhaps pain, when seeing a tiny thing like pushing our finger backwards and seeing it bent...the logic obviously being that for most people it usually hurts.

From crazy stunts to beautiful choreographies...dances, postures, demonstrations, etc... Is something I've been intrigued with always, how the human body behaves and deforms. This is just a little recollection of some interesting videos I've seen around the Internet lately. Mostly are related to dance choreography or martial arts...because those are the most well known ways to play through beautiful poses in movement and beautiful timing. But there is beauty also in holding a for example in Yoga.

Is truly an impressive art, to make yourself fly, defy the laws of achieve perfect curvature with your spine, move your limbs in synchronised melody, and demonstrate to the world that you can actually move in a different way than the rest...and that's what part of your personality as an individual to stand out.

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