Monday, January 9, 2012

"Arte y Animación" Animation contest entry

My entry for the "Arte y Animación" animation contest.

Would love to improve the facial acting and fix some body pops and spacing issues too but today is the deadline :( I'll see what the reaction is out there and whether it will be worth polishing it more or not.

Thanks to iAnimate, Ben Rush, Pierre Perifel ( and Victor Vinyals for the character rig, and to the "Arte y Animación" blog for bringing this contest. It was fun to work on for the time I had and I wish everyone all the best.


Aron Durkin said...

very nice man

d. vasquez said...

Great shot ravi! man your work is so inspiratinal

RVG said...

Cheers guys, glad you liked it. Wish me luck for the contest :)

Francesco said...

Ravi this is GREAT!