Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Arte y Animación" Animation feedback!

Yay! Just on Friday I saw my animation videofeedback at "Arte y Animación" and it was absolutely fantastic! Really makes me wanna go back to the shot and make further tweaks, I hope I get the time soon! Also many congratulations to Marta Segurola for her second position and videocritique too!!

Many thanks to Christian Dan and Pedro Daniel for the prize and the critique. Pedro is a supervising animator at "The SPA Studios" (Sergio Pablos Animation) in Spain, and his experience in animation spans over 15 years and a solid ground in traditional animation.

I'm trying to get used to my new WACOM as well, hopefully will be able to post some sketches the meantime, here is the video feedback!(it's in spanish....I'm considering doing a little translation for it so that it can be more accessible, but will see...I've had people interested in watching it despite the language barrier which is great!).

Video Feedback for my animation:

My original animation:

Marta Segurola's Video Feedback: