Friday, September 14, 2007

Animation Painter: Alexandr Petrov

Alexander Petrov is a unique animator whose style defines his works. Sounds cliché but its absolutely true in this particular case. His work is purely defined by his stylistic approach and the way he puts together the visuals to tell his stories.

He reminds me of old school Romantic painters, who portrayed nature and life as faithfully as they could with their own subjective touch. Having a look at Wikipedia, I found this quite interesting definition:

"People, animals and landscapes are painted and animated in a very realistic fashion, but there are many sections in his films where Petrov attempts to depict a character's inner thoughts and dreams."

I personally think this is very, very difficult. But Petrov has manages to pull it off beautifully in his work. I recall my brother Jay telling me about Hemingway's "Old man and the sea" and how simple the book's plot was, yet it immersed the reader with the main character's inner thoughts so well that you would actually be reading his mind. To do such thing in animation would be a great challenge, an ambitious idea.

Petrov animates using glass as canvas, and likes to focus on real people. By focusing on real entities through traditional media, he recreates a reality of his own that audiences can easily empathise with since it shares the essence from our world too.

My favourite of his works is "The old man and the sea". The beautiful colours and illustrative quality of each and every frame is just like any of Goya or Delacroix's paintings:

Alexander if you ever happen to read this blog (which i doubt) I would really like to thank you for the inspiration and the innovative approach to animation that you have shown us all these years. Cheers!

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