Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Animation....what an inmense world of variety and colors!

Some great examples to show what I meant by my question of "What is good or bad?" in Animation (read my previous post on this subject here:).
Not all of them might be popular, and some are even rare, which adds up to the interest.

We've got (from the many, many different approaches you can think of):

- Classical 2D Musicals:

- Cartoons (Warner Bros, MGM, Hanna Barbera, Tex Avery...):

- Stylised 2D Hand Drawn Animation:

(Thanks to http://dwerf.wordpress.com for the link).

- Claymation Fun:

- 3D (Games, TV Series, Commercials, Films... ):

- Experimental (Regardless of medium):


With this showcase I have not pretended to create some kind of classification. I just wanted to show a hint to the vast amount of possibilities that are out there, a sample of the many ways to express yourself through this artform. Like director Brad Bird says, "(...) people keep saying, `The animation genre.´ It's not a genre! A Western is a genre! Animation is an art form, and it can do any genre."

More stuff to come later on folks ;)

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