Saturday, August 29, 2009

RVRex - Work in Progress

In an effort to teach myself some of the other skills in a computer graphics animation pipeline, I've been working on this 3D model for a while during my spare time. The whole project started back in January 09 but it has been worked on several days on and off, sometimes with a whole month of no work. I stopped working on it by May, been giving myself a little break from it.

My objective is to one day finalise it as a ready to animate rig, and make something nice for a demoreel piece. I also chose a photorreal looking dinosaur due to its complexity in every aspect, including the modeling and the texturing. Though it resembles a TRex (I used references from real birds, other movies, etc...) its slightly different in anatomy.

The modeling and UV unwrapping was done in Luxology Modo, further sculpting in Pixologic ZBrush and texturing in both Pixologic Zbrush and Adobe Photoshop. As for the rigging part, is has not been started yet. I've been looking into muscle solutions since is a new ground for me, but find it way too technical to understand properly, so I'm thinking to probably stick with traditional deformers. I've managed to pull off a test with the head and seems to work fine in terms of comfortability to animate.

Here are some WIP stills:

Base Model in Modo with UV's layed out

Testing compatibility between Modo and Zbrush for Displacement maps. Really had a hard time trying to work this out, and still not very satisfied...

Started sculpting details in Zbrush

Testing the displacements from Zbrush to Modo with default GI lighting

Finalising textures in Zbrush

Render Test of final model in Modo (no teeth)

Render Test of final model in Modo (no teeth)

Final look with some HDR lighting in Modo. Very nice look but very expensive in resources! (I wish I knew how to do this more efficiently)

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