Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drawing fun, after soo long!

I missed drawing and painting so much. Just started to get back into the habit and it feels really good!

There is a running joke at work about my passion for eating....I really like good food!! Somehow last friday, after being called "Ravinator" once again (that's the nickname everyone has blessed me with, yup!), I was thinking of how would I look like if that passion for food was turned into something really dark...and this sketch came out of that thought...

I guess I also got some influence from expressionists drawings I've been looking into lately. Specially from Lorenzo Mattiotti's Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde graphic novel.. They are amazingly beautiful and dark at the same time.

Creepy... ;)


Spencer Jones said...

hey yo dude. i was gonna say before reading - looks very dark and creepy. great stuff man.

Niya said...

Great job!!
You rocks!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

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