Monday, April 4, 2011

Is all about relationships...and emotion!

One of life´s core elements is relationships, for sure, whether love, friendship, genetic, symbiotic, or even business. Whether relationships inherently work on an emotional ground is another subject, but emotional relationships are definetely the deeper, ever lasting, and most interesting ones to explore, live and experience.

For me films are essentially an emotional medium (might have stated that more than once). You always try to create empathy. Even when taking a look into the Hero´s journey from Joseph Campbell, the figure of the hero somehow seeks a relationship (rescuing a princess and returning, seeking a gift from a Goddess), or is involved in one or many throughout his journey (helpers, mentors, guardians, etc...). It does constitute a building block of life and, therefore, stories too.

I got inspired to write this brief text on relationships because of how much the subject touched me on these really cool short animated projects. They are ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. I´ll leave you the clips here, enjoy...they´re honest, beautiful and sincere works with a lot of heart.

Drawing Inspiration from Wesley Louis on Vimeo.

Sometimes the Stars from The Audreys on Vimeo.

And just make a brief reminder....almost ALL THE PIXAR SHORTS are about this too:

Finally, two of the classic short films:

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