Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Animated people - Prana Studio

A quick and big shout to the animators and seniors I met yesterday at Prana in Mumbai, India....you guys rock! Prana is one of the best (if not the top studio) in India for animation and VFX. As awesome as they are, they have their reasons not to disclose any material so I'm not gonna be their burden with that.

Huge thanks go to fellow animator and friend Sachin Desai, who showed me around the studio...great environment, awesome projects, great talent and really nice and friendly people... I always was skeptical about the industry in India but I can see somehow that in a few years time things are gonna be really highend...they already are at Prana!! They also have great animation figures coming to their studio too: http://vikrampandya.blogspot.com/2011/08/live-conference-with-doug-sweetland.html

I was overwhelmed by the experience, the showcase and the content. Really glad to have met you guys.

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