Monday, November 7, 2011

L'ours: editing and non dialogue narrative masterpiece

This is a gem for me, very very inspiring... I haven't seen the whole movie unfortunately but I'm really eager to do so asap! I'm blown away by it for various reasons: sublime editing, fantastic use of minimal sound and beautiful and engaging visuals. All to combine together and make a nice and simple story of an innocent little bear in danger from a predator.

The composition in all the shots are very well planned, like when we can see how the Puma imposes so much to contrast later on with how diminished we see the young bear on screen space. Also the way the shots have been edited give a really thrilling progression to the narrative, with a very controlled pace (we can see really fast cuts during some parts of the chase, and within that same chase some shots hold longer with certain elements of surprise like the Puma entering on screen, etc...).

Acting wise is obviously hard to judge, but if anything, is nothing short from awesome. And probably the editing contributes to enhance some of the shots meanings performance wise too. It somehow feels soo humanised, and not in a literal sense but rather in the perception of it all...which to me is an amazing achievement.

Something that could have easily been a BBC or National Geographic documentary with a voiceover giving us the narration, but on the contrary is presented in a daring and much more engaging way (in my opinion) by making it far more cinematic...Superb video, I love it...great piece of animation reference too!!

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